Partnering with MDF

MDF’s Role

MDF’s role is to build on the potential for pro-poor growth and innovation within the private sector and to act as a catalyst for ideas and information that contribute to this growth.

  • MDF’s Business Advisors continually engage with a wide variety of businesses in each sector. They actively seek out potential partners to work with to discuss opportunities and are always open to new ideas.
  • Potential partners and MDF Business Advisors work closely together to transform initial ideas into detailed action plans. These activities are commercially sustainable and have a demonstrated link to poverty reduction.
  • For each action plan MDF and its partner will sign a Partnership Agreement, specifying a cost sharing arrangement.
  • The partner implements the intervention as a part of its business activities; while MDF monitors the intervention and measures its pro-poor impact.

For more information, please contact the MDF office in your country:



T: (+679) 3100 272 / 3100 273




T: (+670) 3311 316




Tel: (+92) 42-35758752-4