Biotec Limited

Biotec Limited – the first business in the South Pacific to offer disease free and high quality planting materials through commercial tissue culture operations.  MDF is partnering with Biotec to develop it’s technical capacity (lab and nursery) towards commercial production and promotion of tissue cultured planting materials via demonstration plots and farmer field days. Greater access to disease free and high quality (high yielding) planting materials also enables more regular and planned staggered planting, ensuring greater consistency of income, and therefore increased economic resilience of these farmers for natural disasters.. This partnership provides good quality planting materials to farmers in need and also acts as a significant cornerstone in the dalo export business through its laboratory that offers farmers targeting export markets access to higher value varieties (and consistent yields) that can give them better incomes. Better quality planting materials will lead to better yields and eventually increased incomes for farmers.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Biotec Limited