Courier Document & Parcel Services

Courier Document & Parcel (CDP) Services  is one of the country’s longest serving logistics companies within the Fiji islands. It provides courier services to all households, government organisations, banks and major business houses by delivering documents and parcels.

Due to the unique distribution of outer islands in Fiji, the inter-island transport system is a big challenge for the distribution of products within Fiji. If producers in any location have a competitive advantage in growing certain products, they find it difficult to transport surplus volumes to other regions. Hence surplus volumes are supplied in the same market which brings down the price to an almost non-profitable level. Inter-island logistical problems also affect large industries, which require large volumes of raw materials and end products to be transported among islands and find it very difficult through existing commercial ferry services or the limited chartered barge service. Barge services, are cheaper and can haul high volume of goods, and operate in shallow water. However they are not easily available as there are no commercial barge service providers in Fiji.

MDF is working closely with CDP Services to enter into the domestic sea freight business by introducing small to medium barge services to optimise its logistics operation. Exporters, wholesalers and large industries will be able to haul high volumes of goods at a cheaper rate than that of the commercial ferry service and chartered barge service.

MDF is supporting CDP to hire a logistics expert to conduct a market feasibility study and determine its viability to inter-link outer islands’ transport systems via sea freight business as Phase 1. Following the outcomes of Phase 1, MDF and CDP will determine plans for Phase 2.

Intervention detail Sheet: CDP Services