Devesh and Bharos Farms

devesh and bharos farm

MDF is partnering with the Devesh and Bharos Farms to help set up an expanded commercial seedling nursery to help farmers improve production and enable them to deliver fresh and processed produce year round for the export market and tourism sector. As a result, local farmers will be able to produce high-quality produce in the off-season and be better connected to exporters and tourism buyers with the right products at the right time.

Devesh and Bharos Farms operates a small scale commercial nursery on Votualevu, Nadi. It supplies high quality seedlings and other crops suitable for export to local farmers. Its customers include individual farmers and enterprises such as exporters and associations who recommend and supply inputs such as seedlings and seeds to their farmer networks.

Through this partnership, the farmers will have access to good quality seedlings, which can produce higher yields and new varieties of crops throughout the year. This will enable them to plant produce during off-season periods. With the use of these new inputs, growers will also be able to save production time. As farmers produce more and better quality produce, they will increase sales to exporters and the tourism sector and increase their income. Along with the increase in yield of growers, this will result in a consistent supply of fresh produce into horticulture export and tourism markets.

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