DHL Express (Fiji) Limited


Fiji is very well positioned as the hub in the Pacific to offer Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the international market as it offers ‘near-shoring’ benefits such as proximity to the cliental, beneficial time zone, high level of English proficiency, cultural and economic advantages (low labour costs) and state of the art PABX (automatic telephone switching system) technology is available at low costs.

MDF is working with DHL Express (Fiji) Ltd (DHL)  to pilot an investment to use its current call centre staff and locally available technology to deliver cost effective BPO operations and back office functions to DHL customers regionally (Australia, New Zealand). It is estimated that 51 new positions will be created in its initial year, with new job openings gradually transpiring over the subsequent period.

Growth in this sector will open up further job opportunities, predominantly for women who comprise 60% of the BPO workforce. Business confidence is growing in this sector and the investment by DHL, with its strong global brand, should be a stimulus for further investment by similar businesses in the sector. This partnership for MDF is an evolution of many lessons and experiences working in this sector over a number of years. Working with DHL will translate into direct employment opportunities for young men and women in urban and peri-urban areas.