KK’s Hardware

KK’s Hardware Ltd specialises in supplying general hardware goods and construction materials. The business was established in 1987 with one store, and after 27 years, KK’s Hardware has expanded to three branches in Nadi. The company is expected to expand further into other parts of Fiji. MDF is partnering with the KK’s Hardware to develop its capacity to become a commercial seed importer targeting the Fiji market and helping KK’s Hardware distribute and market seed to farmers in Fiji.

MDF will assist KK’s Hardware to strengthen its relations with the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF), develop knowledge of international seed importing, identify new seed exporters to supply the required seeds, meet Fiji’s compliance requirements by attending trade events (Asian Seed Congress), obtain valid seed import permits, and develop distribution and marketing channels for seeds. As a result, farmers will have access to a wide range of seed varieties from KK’s Hardware, instead of the previously available limited range of seeds. This will create competition in the seed market and ensure a sufficient supply of seeds are available all year round for horticulture farmers. KK’s Hardware sells seeds, fertilisers, farm tools and chemicals to farmers. With this intervention the farmers will have access to good quality seeds, sufficient seed varieties and stocks of seeds throughout the planting seasons. This will enable them to plant produce during off-season periods. With the use of these new, high quality and greater variety of seeds, farmers will save production time. As farmers produce more and better quality produce, they will increase planting, production, yields and eventually sales and income.

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