Labasa Farm Depo

labasa farm depoLabasa Farm Depo (LFD) is the only agricultural input retail shop in Labasa, Vanua Levu that sells fruit & vegetable seeds, organic and chemical fertilisers, pesticides and agricultural tools and machinery. Farmers from all over Vanua Levu have to travel to Labasa to buy agricultural inputs from LFD or a few other hardware shops that also sell limited agricultural supplies. Years of experience operating in the input market has given LFD enough confidence to expand the business and venture into agriculture inputs distribution. LFD intends to supply seeds, fertiliser and agricultural lime to the rural shops initially, but with time, supply a range of products to the rural market.

MDF is partnering with the LFD to establish a distribution system by developing a feasible distribution plan, sharing financial risk of working capital expenses and developing relationships with rural retailers to promote this new service. LFD will create awareness to rural farmers that agro-inputs are available in the respective locations. Backed with relevant agricultural expertise, LFD will provide information on horticultural crops and farming techniques to the rural retail shops who can transfer knowledge and information to farmers. MDF and LFD hopes to enable farmers better access to agro-inputs which could lead to increased farming activity leading to a transition from subsistence farming to semi-commercial farming over time. For those farmers interested in scaling up to semi-commercial and commercial level farming, MDF will connect them directly to exporters and/or agents within and outside Vanua Levu.

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