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Maqere Exports is an agricultural export business which sources most of its commodities from the Ra-Lautoka corridor. Maqere’s export commodities include rootcrops, seafood, kava and coconuts. Maqere exports all its commodities to Auckland. Maqere has noted increasing demand over the last few years, which they have been unable to meet because of insufficient volumes of commodities, and insufficient space for processing and processing capacity.

MDF is partnering with Maqere to help it utilise its expanded processing facility and improve the sourcing of produce from farmers. MDF’s primary activity is in contributing to private extension services for Maqere, which will equip nearby farmers with advice on better farming, crop care and post-harvest practices. Maqere is strategically placed as the only exporter of horticultural crops operating within the vicinity. This is beneficial to farmers along the Ra-Lautoka corridor in that they do not have to incur high transportation costs to send produce to other markets. Maqere is a good candidate for providing private extension services in the area. Farmers will have access to services and advice necessary to increase their yields, as well as guidance on how to meet the volumes needed by Maqere, thereby increasing their sales. MDF is supporting Maqere to utilise its expanded processing facility which will enable Maqere to process increased volumes. This will ensure that Maqere is able to meet expanding demand from its target markets, and expand its sourcing in a sustainable manner from farmers in the area.

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