Mark One Apparel

mark one apparel


Fiji’s garment industry faces lack of skilled staff  compounded with losses of experienced staff, high absenteeism and high staff turnover all impacting productivity. Family obligations, such as childcare is common cause, particularly amongst women. There is limited support for working mothers to care for their children.

Mark One Apparel is a larger garment manufacturer operating in Fiji for around 25 years. In light of its increasing staff replacement costs and lower productivity, the business is considering setting up an employer-sponsored day care centre. Around 80% of its total workforce are women.

MDF is supporting Mark One Apparel in a feasibility study to assist in the setup of a day care facility – affordable for mothers who work at the company. This involves engaging a Property Development Consultant who will undertake necessary financial, technical and operational analysis. A day care facility would encourage women to participate better at work with reduced absenteeism, resulting in enhanced production levels and overall benefits to the business. This should attract more women to join the workforce. Working with a business such as Mark One will also enable other similar operators to provide support services to allow more women to participate effectively at workplaces.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Mark One Apparel