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standard concrete industriesStandard Concrete Industries (SCI) is the largest manufacturer of concrete masonry blocks in Fiji, in addition to cement, and other quarry based products. Fiji’s central location in the South Pacific allows SCI to export products to many other Pacific Island Countries. MDF’s first partnership with SCI has allowed the company to launch its new aglime (agricultural lime) product. Aglime is formed by crushing limestone from SCI’s Wailotua quarry down to a granular substance that can be used as an agricultural input to address soil acidity, a problem plaguing many of Fiji’s soils.

Under the previous partnership, MDF assisted SCI in market feasibility, training, and the initial promotion (leaflets, banners and a promotional video) leading to the launch in mid-2013. Since the launch, SCI has faced some challenges with sales of the product primarily because of low awareness and promotion among target beneficiaries. As this is not yet a core product for this company, MDF sees significant value in partnering with them again for better promotion and uptake among farmers.

While MDF’s first partnership with SCI has enabled farmers to gain access to an effective and more affordable form of agricultural lime and be better equipped to be more productive and earn more, the second partnership is about improving access to information on input use. Through a combination of promotional strategies it is hoped his will enable farmers to make better use of the now readily available product, by better educating and informing them on its benefits and application, so they are better aware of the input and how to use it, increasing yields and making farming more attractive.

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