Carving Dreams Entertainment

Farmers (both female and male) in Fiji frequently access information from their fellow farmers. In some cases this type of information sharing can be useful, however farmers can often miss important, new information or misinterpret current information. Most farmers believe that the extension service providers are able to help, however they are not easily accessible to all individual male and female farmers.

Carving Dreams Entertainment (CDE) is owned by Ajay Amrit – a well-known and prominent TV personality within Fiji and the Pacific. He is the creator and presenter of two successful television programmes called “Bula Bollywood” and “Bula Lifestyle” – both top rated shows in the Pacific. They are currently watched in more than 14 island countries and aire at prime time by Sky Pacific – the biggest network broadcaster in Fiji.

CDE is venturing to produce an agricultural television series to provide new, educations and entertaining information about modern agriculture techniques to farmers around Fiji, and beyond. MDF’s partnership involves supporting CDE in production of the series through support of technical experts in agriculture and to assist in producing content.

Farmers will have access to cultivation techniques about profitable crops and information on new varieties and be enticed with success stories presented in an entertaining way. This will enable farmers to improve their cultivation and be incentivized to plant high value crops for increased income. The TV segment/episode may also include content targeted at women in agriculture and their roles with specific crops, tasks and/or responsibilities in farming.  The TV program will also allow farmers and agri-businesses to express their opinions or problems to the larger audience.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Carving Dreams Entertainment