Adi Chocolates No.2 (Easy in Fiji and Fijiana Cacao)

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Adi Chocolates is a local manufacturer of chocolate products, selling to the tourism, local retail and export markets. In MDF’s first partnership with Adi Chocolates, starting in 2012, MDF looked to introduce into Fiji’s tourism market a new souvenir product for tourists to buy, as well as a quality ingredient (dark chocolate) for hotel and resort kitchens to use in improving tourists culinary experience. Through MDF’s support, Adi Chocolates has moved into a new facility with new machinery that has significantly upgraded its production capacity. It can now produce more volumes of chocolate in greater number of varieties.

While MDF’s first partnership with Adi Chocolates helped farmers benefit and the tourism industry seeing a new local innovative product – the second partnership is about scaling up in terms of increased sourcing from female and male farmers (strengthening the supply/backward linkages with pruning efforts and setting up of drying stations at village level), increased output (from manual to mechanised wrapping to increase operational efficiency) and supporting Adi Chocolates’ entry in a more organised manner to the local and export markets (increase retail and marketing via display/merchandising stands and improved packaging). Additionally some form of institutional strengthening support such as building its business and financial capacity is also needed to promote the long-term sustainability of Adi Chocolates.

Supporting Adi Chocolates to strengthen its supply chain and marketing efforts, not only increases its production capacity but would lead to higher turnover for the company. This increases business performance and provides economic opportunities for female and male cocoa growers supplying to Adi Chocolates. Additional employment will also be created by Adi Chocolates within its processing facility and at the farm level (mainly male labourers).

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