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The tourism sector in Fiji sector is heavily reliant on imported products, including items such as beauty products, handicrafts and fresh and processed food. Bula Coffee is the only coffee processor, and wholesaler that sources and processes coffee locally. Coffee is grown in the wild in Fiji and harvested by communities, particularly women, in the remote highlands. There is  potential for wild Fiji coffee to become a leading ‘novelty’ item for tourists to taste and purchase as souvenirs. MDF is supporting Bula Coffee to increase the volume of processed coffee through modernising processing techniques, training the women collectors, introducing the concept of quality coffee beans, and establishing a stronger brand for Bula Coffee.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Bula Coffee

Website: http://www.bulacoffee.com.fj/about-us/


Media: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=309411