Coconut Kids Fiji

In Fiji, there are few businesses catering to the kids market with locally made items. Readily available, cheaper imported items make producing locally not commercially feasible. Coconut Kids has taken a bold step to introduce new products and has found a niche segment to furnish goods made with significant local input for the kids tourist market.

To cater for the cost of production, Coconut Kids is focusing on items specifically for kids requiring fewer inputs, are creatively designed with items sold at strategic locations. MDF has partnered with Coconut Kids to support its growth strategy to reach sufficient scale, profitability and acquire the necessary professional skills to set the company on a path of sustained growth. With Coconut Kids’ growth, tourists will have more access to Fijian made items targeted at kids. This should lead to a higher turnover for the company – improving its business performance and contributing to additional employment at the factory and additional income for workers in the community who supply accessories and materials to Coconut Kids.

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