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Cover Story is the publisher of Mai Life Magazines. Mai Life spans interest categories such as lifestyle, society, fashion, travel, food, sports, health and business. The magazine has the highest readership in the magazine market in Fiji. To cater to the tourism market Cover Story with MDF support expanded to create another business arm Mai Life Travel magazine. Mai Life Travel is produced via an experience-based approach to storytelling with a focus on the overseas market as readers – particularly inbound travelers to Fiji predominantly from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

To meets its ambition to market and extend Mai Life Travel’s reach beyond print, the business is upgrading its website to include tourism news, events and developments in the industry and developing a mobile/tablet application which allows users to download the magazines onto their devices. In addition to promoting Mai Life Travel, the business is producing a television series highlighting unique and interesting features at destinations around Fiji and will feature these in Mai Life Travel’s quarterly issues. Cover story is also responsible for developing the inflight magazine for Fiji Airways.

MDF’s support for Cover Story is in product development and technical expertise to train local in-house writers in travel writing; and in creative direction to improve the magazines layout and photography. Cover Story is one of the leading players in print media in Fiji with established networks in the industry. The business is in a position to influence the coverage and flow of information in the tourism market and has the ability to provide a voice for segments in the tourism industry that have been neglected.

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