Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association



The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) is the major tourism body in Fiji representing hotels and resorts and other key private sector stakeholders. One of the key constraints that MDF is targeting in its tourism sector interventions is the increased demand for locally grown foodstuffs by hotels and resorts. FHTA represents a strategic leveraging point to influence industry thinking and behavior. It is largely an independent body that relies on revenue from membership fees, sponsorships and corporate events.

One such event is the annual HOTEC trade show which links hotels and resorts buyers or people who source products and services for hotel and resorts with industry support and service suppliers. At previous HOTEC events, FHTA has focused on promotions that target the participation of its hoteliers.

Through this partnership, FHTA and MDF strived to increase the level of local suppliers’ involvement in the expo, especially businesses that were relatively unknown in the tourism sector. The HOTEC trade show allowed these businesses to showcase their products and/or services at one time to multiple buyers which is a more effective means of marketing than approaching hotel and resort buyers individually.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association