Fiji Museum

fiji museum


The Fiji Museum was established in 1955 to promote and preserve Fiji’s diverse culture. The Museum holds a large collection of local archaeological materials dating back 3,700 years and cultural objects representing both Fiji’s indigenous and other communities who have settled within the islands. Museums are traditional tourist ‘hotspots’ but they need to be organised and promoted properly.

The Fiji Museum is the first partnership with MDF and the Fiji Government, specifically the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts. The partnership with the Fiji Museum is crucial as it aims to attract more tourists, and more tourist spending to Suva. The partnership with the Fiji Museum looks at promoting the diverse culture of Fiji as well acting as a catalyst for attracting tourists to Suva and spending more, not only in the museum but also with surrounding retailers and service providers. MDF is supporting Fiji Museum by hiring a Museum Development Consultant to identify and make recommendations to improve the Fiji Museum’s ability to grow by improving operational efficiencies, improving, infrastructure and attracting more tourist visitors.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Fiji Museum