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The tourism sector in Fiji sector has mostly been reliant on imported products, including for items such as beauty products, handicrafts and fresh and processed food. MDF partnered with Essence of Fiji as it is one of the few companies in Fiji specialising in producing beauty products for its own spas in Fiji and local retail. The uniqueness of Essence of Fiji is that it has its own training school and spas in the form of Senikai Spas, which allows it to control the quality of services provided. In addition, it mostly uses locally supplied raw materials for final products, has its own products at the spas and sells its products online and retail outlets.

Essence of Fiji products, while being fragranced, focus primarily on healing properties compared to other beauty products in the market. MDF is supporting Essence of Fiji to improve its production capacity and the quality of locally sourced raw materials, such as seaweed, by providing training to local suppliers; expanding marketing and promotions activities to increase clientele reach and in the renovation its new facility. With Essence of Fiji’s growth, tourists will have access to more Fijian made products from outlets such as the new Rejuvenation Centre, Senikai Spas, Jacks of Fiji retail stores, and online outlets leading to increased sales to tourists. This would lead to a higher turnover for Essence of Fiji, an increase in its business performance, and increased incomes for staff and the village women who supply raw materials for production.

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