Prasad’s Agricultural Services (Farmboy)


Currently in Fiji hotels and resorts import a large amount of fresh and processed foods because of difficulties with quantity and quality of locally sourced goods. Farmboy is a specialised wholesaler that supplies the hotels and resorts in Fiji with local agricultural produce year-round. MDF is supporting Farmboy in expansion with a new industrial kitchen set up to supply more fresh and processed items, such as juice, pulp and frozen fruits, to the tourism industry. With an increased capacity to process and store more fruits and vegetables, farmers can supply more produce to Farmboy.

Farmboy works directly with growers, offering advice on farming practices, post-harvest handling, and grading for the hotel industry as well as providing access to agricultural inputs. As a wholesaler, Farmboy will support diversification in agriculture, encouraging the cultivation of other horticultural crops outside of traditional cash-crops and establish a stronger link between the tourism industry and farmers in Fiji.

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