Rise Beyond The Reef

Rise beyond the reef

The tourism sector in Fiji sector is heavily reliant on imported products, including items such as beauty products, handicrafts and fresh and processed food. Rise Beyond the Reef is a non-governmental organisation turned social business enterprise based in Fiji. Rise Beyond the Reef was established for women to build on their traditional craft knowledge to create products that appeal to the Fiji tourism market.

MDF is supporting RBTR in three main areas the first is strengthening RBTR’s business capacity through identifying profitable markets and developing a Strategic Business plan. The second area is building on the backward linkages of RBTR in two main areas; quality and consistency of handicrafts, which will allow RBTR to supply more product. The final area is ensuring RBTR has the ability to innovate and develop new products. This is important for RBTR to stay ahead of their competition especially as it is difficult to trademark this type of product. As RBTR becomes more commercial, it will assist village communities to continue supplying RBTR consistently with greater quality and innovative handicrafts.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Rise Beyond The Reef

Website: http://risebeyondthereef.org/



Media: http://www.fiji.travel/us/news/fte-2015-%E2%80%93-platform-everyone-serious-about-tourism-fiji