The Crab Company of Fiji


the crab company of fijiThe tourism sector in Fiji offers opportunities for local companies to supply products and services which provides hotel and resorts a consistent supply of quality goods. Current supply of crabs in Fiji is made up mostly of crabs caught in the wild, which vary in quality and consistency. Restaurants would use more crabs if they could secure a consistent and quality supply of sustainably farmed crabs.

MDF is partnering with The Crab Company of (Fiji) in developing an integrated process for the environmentally sustainable production of local crabs for the tourism industry and export markets that includes hatchery, nursery, accessing specialised technical skills and establishing an outgrower scheme for mangrove pens. This will be the first privately owned hatchery in Fiji. The company will also provide technical assistance to crab farmers and offering income-generating opportunities in coastal villages, particularly for women. This will establish a year-round supply of high-quality crabs.

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