Tifajek Mudpools and Hot Springs


Tifajek Mudpool and Hot Springs is a small family owned business providing services in natural therapeutic treatments through mud baths and dips in natural hot pools for. Tifajek is the first thermal pools in Fiji developed to cater to the tourist market, particularly cruise ship tourists.

Tourists firstly dip in the mud pool and then wash off the mud in the pool. They are then guided to the natural thermal pool, which is about 37-42 degrees. Starting as a small business, Tifajek developed its networks and markets its products through various tour operators in Fiji. They also have a close working relationship with Essence of Fiji’s South Pacific Academy of Beauty Therapy in which village women are trained in beauty therapy. To cater for the increasing number of tourists and Tifajek’s expansion plans, MDF is assisting Tifajek in upgrading its existing facility and management capacity. It is also capitalising on existing resources and providing additional services to tourists such as mud scrubs and retailing various handicrafts.

The partnership addresses the need for a greater variety of activities and experiences available for tourists in Fiji. By diversifying and building additional services around the pools, this can increase revenue for Tifajek as well as improving the livelihoods of the surrounding community particularly women.

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