Talanoa Treks (Walks and Trails)

talanoa trek

talanoa treksFiji tourism is known for its sandy beaches, relaxed accommodation and Fijian hospitality. Talanoa Treks is one of the only dedicated hiking tour companies in Fiji offering guided day trip and multi-day group walks, working in partnership with local communities. Tourists are offered an experience into local and traditional ways of life in Fiji by visiting and staying in villages in during the treks. With Talanoa Treks’ growth, tourists will have greater access to experience Fijian hospitality at the community level. This is bringing in additional revenue into the communities that host tourists and the company is employing more people as hosts and guides. MDF’s partnership involves improving Talanoa Treks’ capacity to reach and cater for the international walking market and working with local communities to raise the standard of services offered to guests.

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