Western Dairy t/a Pacific Fine Foods

western dairy

Western Dairy is the only commercial pasta manufacturer in Fiji with a plant also manufacturing yogurt, ice cream, juices, sauces and fresh, dried and frozen pasta. The company is one of the two main dairy manufacturing companies in Fiji. Current products include Yoplait yogurt, single cup juices and in-flight snacks sold to local retail, hotels and resorts, and Air Terminal Services (ATS). It also manufactures and supplies pasta to major hotels and resorts in Fiji. Western Dairy is now diversifying its product range by adding high quality juice mainly to service the hospitality sector but also supply to the domestic retail market and export to other Pacific Island countries. There are some juice manufacturers in the market that use imported raw materials and supply to some hotels and resorts, but the end product is not of adequate quality. Hence, the juice supply in tourism industry is heavily reliant on imports.

MDF is assisting Western Dairy in expanding its product base and adding locally manufactured juice targeted to resorts and hotels and setting up a sourcing model for local tropical fruits to process into a tropical juice variety through procurement of appropriate machinery and technical expertise. With the installation of a local high quality juice manufacturing line, hotels and resorts will have a supply of less costly and better quality Fijian made juice to serve the in their businesses. Farmers are expected to have new markets for their lower grade produce, which is abundant in supply and good for juice production.

Intervention Detail Sheet: Western Dairy