meat tech_logoGiven the increasing demand for meat in international markets and increasing transparency requirements in supply chains, it is necessary for feedlots to improve their livestock procurement. However, organised supply chains in the production of meat (beef and mutton) don’t yet exist in Pakistan. Formal processors and exporters of meat in Pakistan buy animals directly from different livestock markets or through middlemen. Information on characteristics such as exact age, medical and feeding history is not available for animals in these livestock markets. Due to the absence of formal feedlots with a consistent supply of animals for which these facts are known, processors find it difficult to procure sufficient animals that meet international requirements.

MeatTech owns one of the first formal and organised feedlot fattening farms in Pakistan but faces difficulties sourcing its animals in a controlled manner. The partnership with MDF focuses on setting up a controlled supply of animals by recruiting male and female extension workers to provide farmers with information on calf rearing and fattening, animal nutrition, husbandry practices and ensuring that animals are properly vaccinated. For farmers this means that their calves will gain weight quicker, will attract less diseases and can be sold at premium prices to a guaranteed buyer.