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Pakistan produces an estimated 1.7 million tons of kinnow (mandarins) each year but exports are only at around 500,000 tons. The citrus producing farmers face three major issues – thrips, scab and imbalanced nutrition. As a result they are losing almost 50-60% of their production each year. Overall in the region, kinnow groves have the potential to be productive again if farmers have access to better information on management and agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides and micronutrients. Farmers currently lack knowledge about good orchard management practices such as pruning, disease and insect control, and fertiliser application.

MDF is supporting Ali Akbar Group, an agricultural input supplier, to improve kinnow farmers’ access to inputs and information about effective usage of inputs and efficient farm management practices. MDF is assisting Ali Akbar Group to design and implement an extension service system for kinnow farmers in Punjab. This would provide farmers access to improved production practices, enabling better returns for the farmers.

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