Baloch Hamza Brothers

BHBBaloch Hamza Brothers Dates Co. (BHB) is a local dates processing company based in Panjgur Balochistan. BHB specializes in dates processing and is engaged in supplying dates from Baluchistan to urban centres all across Pakistan. BHB started with processing capacity of only 20 tons per annum and gradually expanded. With MDF support BHB has enhanced its capacity by setting up a curing machine which includes drying, washing, vibrating machines, elevator machine, reefer containers, grading tables, conveyer, packaging and pitting machines, to process more orders to cater to the growing domestic market. Plastic crates have also been provided to farmers for reduction of post-harvest losses of dates.

BHB has also established a facility for female workers located about 2km from their main facility, where females are able to work full time on sorting, grading and pitting dates. BHB has hired 50% of their workforce as females. With enhanced capacity BHB is now able to process and cater to both local supermarkets and retailers, and would eventually start exporting dates produced in far flung areas of Balochistan. A larger number of farmers are earning more and are able to sell to a consistent buyer which offers better price at the farm gate in return for higher quality produce and reduced post-harvest losses.