FMC United has operated in Pakistan since 1978 and is now one of the leading multinational agri-input company of the country. FMC has nearly 240 sales territories and a product range of nearly 200 items. These products include a range of fertilizers, pesticides and micronutrients. With nearly 650 authorized dealers and franchisees, FMC reaches out to 1,500,000 farmers across Pakistan with their extension services.

MDF’s partnership with FMC will allow FMC to diversify geographically into a region where their information-based extension services are not operational at the moment. While FMC has an existing sub-dealer network, they will move towards establishing a formal dealership network in the region. Through this partnership, FMC will demonstrate improved tomato farming practices in the Swat Valley by establishing 14 demonstration plots, each in separate farmer pocket. Farmers will be invited at different stages of plant growth to witness impact of better practices and quality inputs. They will provide information on how to identify diseases in tomato crop, and prescribe solution to control these diseases. FMC will also integrate their existing dealers and government established Farm Service Centers in developing an effective information dissemination channel.