Khattak Seeds Company

Akora Khattak in in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province in north-western Pakistan provides favourable climatic conditions for vegetable production. Cucumber is the key cash crop in this vegetable belt and the region offers advantages over other parts of the country for cucumber farmers. Because of a later on-set of warmer weather compared to Punjab, their produce reaches the market when there is no competition from produce from other parts of the country, resulting in higher prices. However, yields in the area are as low as 15-20 tons per acre compared to 60-70 tons per acre in Punjab. MDF has partnered with Khattak Seeds Company (KSC), a local input supplier to improve cucumber production practices by developing an extension programme and establishing demonstration farms for information dissemination to cucumber farmers. Through this partnership, information on better cucumber farming practices will be disseminated to small farmers. This will lead to better utilisation of land and increased production of better quality crop, resulting in an increase in farmers’ profitability.

Intervention Detail Sheet – Khattak Seeds Company