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Pakistan is a large onion producer – a vegetable grown in all four provinces of the country. Lack of quality onion seeds has resulted in low yields and continues to be an impediment to increasing production. Farmers have the option of either buying low-quality locally produced seeds or better quality and expensive imported seeds. Local seeds have lower in quality due to production under unfavorable climatic conditions and local producers lack knowledge.

Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province offers the right environmental conditions for onion seed production and Magnus Kahl Seeds is currently the only company working there to produce high quality onion seeds to be sold in the local market and for export.

MDF is supporting Magnus Kahl Seeds in the development of a drying unit for onion seeds. They can now scale-up their existing operations ensuring farmers in Chitral have a consistent buyer for the seeds they produce, and onion growers will have access to high quality seeds.

Intervention Detail Sheet – Magnus Kahl Seeds


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