Pakissan Technologies

Pakissan Pvt. Ltd. started operations in 2005 and has acquired extensive experience in providing agricultural information and technology-based solutions and services to the sector. The company operates as Pakistan’s largest repository of agricultural information on a website with over 5-million hits every month. Pakissan Pvt. Ltd. will form a consortium comprising of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP), and Pakissan Technologies (a division of Pakissan) for the implementation of the Zimevaar model.

MDF is assisting Pakissan by establishing an ICT based input and information delivery channel by utilizing a network of trained field agents ‘Zimevaars’. Due to the uniqueness of this model, MDF and Pakissan have decided to approach this partnership in two phases. In the first phase, MDF will assist Pakissan in formulating a financially viable roll-out plan for this initiative by hiring a qualified consultant to formulate a financially viable roll-out plan for this initiative. Once the consultant finalizes the report and roll out plan, MDF will assist Pakissan in implementing the modeld in the phase 2second phase of this partnership.