Intra Systek

intra systek _ photoIntra systek_logo A key constraint facing the production of leather goods in Pakistan is the absence of a local ancillary industry that produces quality production inputs. Inputs for export purposes (such as zippers and shoe-lasts, etc.) have to be imported, which increases the response time and delays delivery of export orders – adversely affecting the sales volume as well as profitability. This is of particular importance for the production of samples for customers. For example the import of a sample shoe-last from a neighboring country may take up to two to three weeks, whereas they can be produced locally in just one to two days.

Through this partnership MDF is assisting Intra Systek in procuring shoe-last manufacturing machinery to set up the first shoe-last production unit in Pakistan. This allows Intra Systek to supply shoe-last to mechanised shoemakers more quickly and cost effectively than the imported lasts – enabling shoemakers to produce shoe samples and process buyers orders in less time, resulting in a better capacity to attract international orders and in time, an expansion of finished leather goods manufacturing in Pakistan.

Intervention Detail Sheet – Intra Systek