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Village Huts


Village Huts logoPapua New Guinea (PNG) is an adventure tourist’s paradise, with much of its flora and fauna, clear blue seas and vast jungles relatively untouched. Tourist numbers growing by more than 5% each year with a significant portion of this made up of the adventure tourists.

Village Huts is a local travel and accommodation business based in Port Moresby that specialises in accommodation for tourists in villages and remote areas. Their website is an accommodation, tours and travel booking website which offers tourists a service to book homestays, guesthouses and tour packages online. The Village Huts initiative is the first-of-its-kind in PNG where village homestays that are vetted and registered by the company, guest houses and tour products are promoted online. Through this partnership, the owners and operators of the village homestays, guesthouses and tours will benefit from improved exposure to the international tourist market and increase in tourist numbers.

This will increase their incomes and associated service providers (such as transport operators) will also benefit from increased incomes as a result of more tourists travelling to different locations. Additional casual employment opportunities for various tasks such as cooking, housekeeping, etc will also benefit men and women who live in the village communities.

MDF’s partnership with Village Huts helps to widen the network of huts and activity providers registered on the website. This will enable Village Huts to offer larger range of destinations and products to its clients.

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