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Huon Birding Camp is an eco-tourism business brand operating under the umbrella of Walindi Plantation Operations Ltd. As an extension of its dive resort based in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Walindi runs birdwatching tours under this brand in adjacent Huon Peninsula (Morobe Province). Walindi now plans to launch a premiere birdwatching safari in Papua New Guinea to cater to the niche birdwatcher tourist.

For more than 43 years, Walindi Resort has seen the birdwatching segment in PNG grow. Huon Peninsula is an untapped destination for birdwatchers with virtually no tourism services. Walindi aims to significantly increase the number of birdwatchers to the region by providing a comfortable, well managed operation.

The safari camp will create ten additional jobs and the Huon Peninsula community will benefit directly and indirectly from birdwatching at this destination. The birdwatching safari model will be the first of its kind in PNG thus MDF anticipates the potential for tour operators to duplicate the model in other birding destinations within PNG once they see the viability of the model.

This partnership with Walindi fits in with the broad strategic focus on promoting Papua New Guinea as a tourism destination and will address the lack of investment in development of destinations and the poor perception of the country as a tourism destination.

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