Aruna Plant Nursery


Aruna Plant Nursery is a local business in the Ranna region of the Southern Province that has been operating for over 20 years. The family-run business has seen substantial success in supplying seedlings to local farmers. Plant varieties being sold by Aruna include fruit species, agarwood and flowers, for local farmers to cultivate and then sell in the domestic or international market.

MDF is now supporting Aruna to install a tissue culture laboratory at its plant nursery to produce better-quality seedlings. This lab is the first commercial project of its kind in the Southern Province. Tissue culture cultivation allows for the breeding of specific traits among fruit varieties. This will promote new disease-resistant varieties to be produced and sold to farmers in the region and will increase the quality and quantity of produce available for export from Sri Lanka. The inaugural batch of tissue-culture saplings will be export-variety bananas.

Additionally, MDF will work with Aruna to officially launch the tissue culture laboratory, as well as extend new services to the farmers of the area.

Flickr: Aruna – Flickr Gallery