Cocopel is a Sri Lankan agro business built around the nutrition and foundations of plant growth. Initially developed as an export product, the company uses a unique blend of plant material to provide a base for farmers to grow crops. Cocopel produces pellets using coir pith. The fibre pith sourced in Sri Lanka has a high level of macro and micro plant nutrients. The natural qualities of the fibre include high water and air content, high cellulose and lignin content, and the ability to be engineered. The product provides a solid nutritional foundation for plants to survive in less-than-ideal conditions after being transplanted, especially in deteriorated soil conditions.

MDF will support Cocopel to assess the environmental impact of expanding its drying area and the occupational health and safety impact of the fine dust created by drying, as well as implement adequate measures to mitigate any risk. MDF will also assist Cocopel to expand its current operations and production of coco peat, to facilitate the supply of larger export orders.