C.M. Fish Canning (Coolman) started operations in 1998, providing services for the installation of ice plants and cold storage facilities. The company currently works in the construction and installations of ice plants and cold storage systems, supply of block ice to the fisheries industry, and the manufacturing of canned fish, fishmeal and fish oil.

MDF is supporting Coolman to establish a better-operating fish cannery. While the company has already invested heavily (LKR160 million) and set up a facility in Pesalei, Mannar, with an output of 42 cans per minute when functioning at full capacity, they have struggled to hire qualified higher-level staff who can operate and manage the factory as well as provide on-the-job training for the workers.  Thus far through the partnership, Coolman has hired 63 employees, almost 80% of them female. Certain additional machinery is also required to ensure the finished product is of good quality. With MDF’s support, the partner has hired an international expert to train those working in fish processing, and Coolman has also procured part of the required machinery. This machinery includes processing and canning with health and safety standards of export quality. MDF will also support the development of an environmental management plan to ensure the business model is sustainable and can source fish from sustainable sources. Going forward, Coolman will be getting on-board state-of-the-art freezing technology that will allow it to greatly expand its operations.

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