Divron Bioventures

Divron-LogoSri Lanka is home to a vast network of reservoirs, many of which are underutilized. Fishers operating in these inland waterbodies struggle to obtain a decent income and quality of life. Access to quality fingerlings or fries (juvenile fish) is a common constraint for these farmers and they are forced to rely on government hatcheries for their supply.

Divron Bioventures is a Sri Lankan start-up that focuses on the supply chain of export-quality aquaculture products, particularly Giant Fresh Water Prawns. MDF is supporting Divron Bioventures in setting up their supply chain – from their hatchery, to the reservoirs, and from the reservoirs to the export markets. Divron saw huge potential in exporting Giant Fresh Water Prawns, which have high demand in the international market, and invested in establishing their own hatchery, which is now being used to stock a number of reservoirs in the North and North Central Provinces. Through this partnership, fishers will be able to reduce post-harvest losses and improve productivity, enabling them to increase incomes by supplying giant prawns to Divron.

Website: Divron Bioventures

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