Soul Coffee

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Soul Coffelogoe is a young Sri Lankan start-up founded in 2014, producing and selling authentic Sri Lankan coffee. The coffee is grown in Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands by a network of smallholder farmers. The coffee beans used are a premium selection of Arabica beans.

MDF is supporting Soul Coffee to establish a direct trade relationship with the smallholder farmers via a few collectors. The collectors will share essential technical knowledge with the farmers that will in turn help them to produce world-class coffee bean. The collectors will also guide the farmers in their picking techniques and timings, and buy the coffee fruits directly from them at the market price. On-site processing will be established close to the farms, shortening the supply chain.

The business will work with a network of over 70 smallholder farmers, most of whom are female. Working with Soul Coffee will enable the farmers to expand their production, and hence income, while also gaining a guaranteed buyer of their product.

Website: Soul Coffee