Hammock Studio

Hammock Studio is a software developing company registered in Singapore and Sri Lanka, and operating in multiple countries. Its work includes application development, business development and other IT services. The Foodie.lk brand, which falls under Hammock, uses a technology -based system to manage food delivery, point of sales (POS) and input requirements for a number of restaurants in Colombo.

MDF will support Foodie to develop an innovative, IT-enabled service to cater to the skilled labour needs of the tourism industry. This will take the form of a human resource platform that allows restaurants and hotels to source skilled labour from Foodie’s pool of employees. The pool will be filled by local workers looking for an entrance into the industry, or existing workers who struggle to find continuous placement within the industry, who will then be trained by Foodie according to a tailor-made training program. The course content will be made according to the requirements of key Foodie clients, i.e. the restaurants and hotels requiring the HR platform. Foodie has ties with local vocational training institutes that will facilitate the dissemination of the training content to the workers. After training graduates of the program will be able to attain placements at various hotels and restaurants.

Website: Hammock Studio