Sri Lanka’s traditional hc8987b_002c5f44e7564584ae37901da57474a0andloom sector has much potential but is falling behind the times. Further innovation, skill retention, development and product differentiation is required if Sri Lanka is to remain competitive in the region. As Sri Lanka’s only Fair Trade-guaranteed handloom company, Selyn strives to innovate within the traditional sector through their social enterprise business model, while also benefiting their artisans. Of Selyn’s employees, 95% are women. Selyn’s product portfolio includes garments, children’s accessories, educational and interactive toys, home accessories, household textiles, linen and jewelry.

MDF assisted Selyn to develop marketing material to support their participation at the New York Now 2016 Trade Fair as part of their possible entry into the North American market. MDF has also partnered with Selyn to hire a Business Development Consultant to help grow the business, strengthen their market profile and develop a coherent strategy to target new markets including the tourism market. With MDF’s support, Selyn has also got on-board a Product Development Consultant to help diversify their product range to better meet tourist and export requirements.

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