Agi Agricultura

Agi Agricultura

Establishing seed distribution system in the rural areas and introducing embedded extension service with the seed distributor

Agi Argricultura logoAgi Agricultura was established in August 2013 and is a Dili based wholesaler of agricultural input products. The business provides high quality inputs and agricultural equipment as well as cultivation and usage information (as embedded services) as its core business model.

Through retail partners and their own staff, they plan to educate farmers and through providing free consultations and cultivation advice. They also possess a production centre in Mantuto district which they plan to use as a training and information centre for up to 30 farmers at a time. This production centre also acts as a supplier of fresh vegetables to local Dili supermarkets.

The business sells out of a facility in Dili but recognises the need to provide agricultural inputs to the district areas where the majority of farming takes place. To capitalise on this gap in the market, Agi Agricultura plans to set up an extensive distribution network in the Eastern part of Timor-Leste, bringing high quality inputs to farmers in the area.

MDF is supporting Agi Agricultura with promotion and marketing of the business in the districts and assisting with training of extension workers to train farmers in better cultivations and farming practices.

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