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Establishing a quality management system for coffee export

Cafe Brisa Serena LogoCafé Brisa Serena is a coffee buyer and exporter based in Letefoho, Ermera. The business is an offshoot of a social business based coffee started by a Japanese NGO, Peace Winds Japan. In 2011, Peace Winds Japan, in an effort to address commercial sustainability of the venture, formed Café Brisa Serena as a Timorese registered business and started buying and exporting coffee under that brand as well as setting up a local coffee shop in Dili called Café Letefoho.

They purchase coffee from local male and female farmers in Ermera and Liquica Districts and are the only company targeting purchasing and processing of high quality premium coffee to be sold to the high-end boutique buyers. Core to their business model is mentoring and guiding local coffee farmers in producing quality coffee from plantation to processing parchment to producing beans.

Apart from buying coffee for sale to the growing boutique coffee market, Cafe Brisa Serena has extensive marketing connections to markets in the United Kingdom United States of America, Japan, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Additionally, they have recently partnered with MTC, an Australia based specialty coffee trader, who are exclusively selling high-end boutique coffees.

The pre-requisite for Café Brisa Serena to sell to high-end buyers at premium prices is quality. Implementing and maintaining a stringent quality management process which can test and assure a high level of quality and consistency across most of the coffee collected from local farmers is crucial.

MDF is supporting Café Brisa Serena to invest and set up an extensive quality management system including a laboratory.

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