FarmPro LogoEstablishing a district based agricultural input and output marketing business

FarmPro was established in 2013 in Timor-Leste as an agricultural service company. The company capitalises on the unmet demand for high quality horticultural products as well as the latent demand for quality but affordable farming inputs. FarmPro has connections with quality input suppliers from the international (Indonesian) market as well as with some of the large supermarkets in Dili. FarmPro also has a working relationship with lead retailers at the local market (Taibessi market) in Dili.

By Introducing reliable and less costly access to end markets through more traders buying at the farm gate, FarmPro is establishing backward linkages to production centers, improving access to yield-increasing inputs, improving access to information on cultivation techniques, input use and good post-harvest handling, and establishing specialised transport services.

The partnership with FarmPro is improving both quality input usage and quality output purchase from the vegetable farmers in Timor-Leste. With support from MDF, FarmPro has set up an outgrower business model where FarmPro sells seeds, fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides, and provide technical and extension support to its clients/farmers about vegetable cultivation.

It then buys-back the horticulture produce to sort, grade, pack and sell in Dili and district markets. Through mentoring support from FarmPro, lead farmers are graduating into farm business advisors and in the long term performing as agents for FarmPro to sell inputs to other farmers and influence better cultivation techniques.

Access to market information, cultivation practices, inputs and production schedules will help reduce oversupply of certain vegetables at certain times. In addition, access to a regular buyer is giving farmers a source of stable income and the incentive to invest in improved cultivation practices.

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