Hamos Habokur Hamatak Rai (H3R)


Optimising a compost production facility and designing an active marketing campaign for compost manufacturing

H3R logoH3R is a company based in Tibar, near Dili specialising in recycling organic waste and producing organic compost. H3R was established in 2012 as the first commercial compost producing company in the country. it started producing and selling organic compost in April 2014, mainly to local retailers in Dili with small sales to district horticulture operators. The idea of compost production was developed by H3R in response to the current situation where organic waste is readily available but poorly disposed off, creating a garbage problem in the city of Dili. Considering the prospect of organic inputs and relative acceptability amongst farmers, compost was seen to be a product with significant market potential.

MDF is working with H3R to develop a business model for producing quality organic compost and promoting this to horticulture farmers. The improved compost product is expected to fill a gap in the market in Timor-Leste and provide access to quality inputs for farmers resulting in improved yields and sales.

H3R – Intervention Detail Sheet