Concrete Product Business

Concrete product business

Support for the promotion and distribution of fuel efficient cook stoves to rural households in the districts

Nazareth Foundation is a local organisation based in Dili with diversified business interests spanning computer training to manufacturing a range of concrete products such as fuel-efficient cook stoves. The Concrete Product Business (CPB) is registered as a business under the Nazareth Foundation in Timor-Leste and began operations in 2014.

Its flagship product is a fuel-efficient cook stove model, which uses less firewood, causes less smoke and helps create savings at the household level through reduced expenditure on firewood for cooking purposes. The business plan is to promote their product to rural households across Timor-Leste starting with Manufahi and Bobonaro districts and expanding later to Aileu and Ainaro districts.
The locally manufactured cook-stove can solve many problems faced by rural households in Timor-Leste. These include inefficient, time consuming cooking practices, using excessive firewood (costing up to USD 30 a month), and health risks such as respiratory diseases through inhalation of smoke.

The product designed and manufactured by CPB improves cooking efficiency, reduces quantity of firewood used costs. It also causes less smoke making cooking less hazardous. CPB is the first organisation to introduce competitively priced fuel-efficient cook stoves allowing MDF to help develop a novel business idea in the country, as well as deliver significant financial and health benefits to rural households.

MDF aims to work with CPB on promoting the product across wider audiences in their pilot districts (including Manufahi, Liquica, Aileu and Ainaro). Additionally, MDF is also supporting CPB to improve its capacity to distribute the product more efficiently and cost-effectively through support with a vehicle purchase once CPB reaches a certain level of sales.

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