Liberty Lorosa’e

To support Liberty in setting up a new fully functional automobile repair workshop in Baucau Municipality

Liberty Lorosa’e Unipessoal Lda is an automobile workshop based in Tuana Laran, Dili, Timor-Leste. Mr Teotonio Guterres established the workshop in 1992 to create job opportunities for Timorese youth and provide quality repair service for the local market. The workshop was damaged twice in 1999 and 2006 due to political conflict, but Mr. Teotonio has continued with the business thus reinvesting and re-establishing the workshop in 2014. Currently Liberty workshop provides repair services to private clients as well as to three government ministries- Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Ministry of Tourism, and Commission of Anti-Corruption. The services include engine repair, body repair, painting, welding, engine tune up, carburettor setting, valve setting, engine oil changing, alignment setting etcetera.

Since 2006, Timor-Leste is showing signs of steady economic growth due to contribution from the oil and gas sector and generous public sector expenditure. As a result the number of vehicles registered for private and public usage has showed marked increase over the years, increasing from 17,646 registered motorcycles and 12,836 registered automobiles in 2005 to 54,619 registered motorcycles and 36,226 registered automobiles in 2012. Because of the growing number of automobile usage, demand for repair and maintenance service has increased significantly. However, full fledged automobile repair service is only available in the capital only. The district workshops, few in number, are capable of providing only basic types of repair services such as repairing defective tyres and changing engine oil. Cars and motor cycles that require extensive repair have to be transported back to Dili at high cost, which makes it difficult for many people to avail the required service. Skilled mechanics and technicians are also in short supply in the districts, which compounds the problem for the vehicle owners and government organizations. There are only a few high skill employment opportunities in the districts in absence of an established manufacturing industry, which forces skilled labours to migrate to Dili for work. Almost all the technical works, either in districts or in capital, are labour intensive and done by male workers, whereas female are enaged in support functions- like administration, finance, and other type of works.

In this scenario, Liberty would like to expand its automobile repair business beyond Dili and setup a full-fledged repair and maintenance workshop in Baucau Municipality. To do this, It would need support to setup necessary machinery and infrastructure, develop capacity of locally recruited mechanics, technicians and administration staff, and finally market its services to attract customers to avail its services in the district. Multiple years of experience in the automobile servicing business and the willingness to invest in expansion, makes Liberty Lorasae the most suitable partner to expand automobile repair business in Timor-Leste.

Intervention Detail Sheet