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Key constraint faced by small farmers majorly in the region of Khyber Pakhtunwa is that availability of quality dairy inputs such as formulated feed (vanda) and de-wormers is limited. The regions are marked by a lack of availability of green fodder so the farmers generally feed low nutritive value fodder to their animals. This makes availability of a complete feed ration in the form of vanda important allowing for a potential of improving milk yields. This constraint is exacerbated by limited access to information and productions know ho as well.

ICI Pakistan Limited is a well-established organisation having a diverse business portfolio. Its animal health division is more than four decades old and is the exclusive distributor of international input products in dairy nutrition and health. Among the dairy inputs deworming medication and vanda have a bigger market share as compared to other products in the same portfolio.

MDF joined hands with ICI to support it in development of an information delivery mechanism and marketing plan for improving uptake of vanda and de-wormers in the KPK region.

ICI realizes the potential in the KPK market given higher prices of fresh milk and lesser competition. It wants to build on its existing extension network and repeat messaging to create demand and maximize returns from this region. As a result of this intervention, farmers will have an improved awareness on providing quality inputs to their animals. They will purchase and apply de-wormers and formulated feed more efficiently and sell more milk and better-quality meat animals. It is expected that approximately 16,000 farmers will be reached through various mediums (radio ad, farmer gatherings etc.). We expect that a certain portion of these farmers will be able to retain and then apply the information provided resulting in income gains for approximately 5000 farmers. For ICI, this partnership will result in an increased distribution footprint in the northern region and will enhance market uptake of its animal husbandry products.

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Intervention Detail Sheet-ICI Pakistan Limited

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