Maxim International

ThUnknowne constraint addressed through this partnership is limited availability of quality inputs all across Pakistan due to lack of access to quality inputs, farmers rely on green fodder which alone is not sufficiently nutritious and as a result milk yields of cattle are low. This problem becomes more severe in the winter season when even green fodder is not available. In certain areas of the country like Khbyer Pakhtunwa, Azad Kashmir and Baluchistan green fodder is also scarce due to terrain and climatic conditions which results in small farmers relying on wheat straw, cotton seed cake and left-over pieces of dry bread which are not only costly but are also often infected with fungus which adversely affects animal health.

Maxim International (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 2009 as a feed mill to provide high quality concentrate and compound feed to dairy and fattening farms in Pakistan. During past few years Maxim has displayed impressive growth and has developed strategic alliances with global players for offering additional products and services like fodder seeds, artificial insemination and customized nutrition solution for both large and small farmers.

Through Maxim’s strong distribution network, their dedicated sales force, willingness to try out new modes of providing information to farmers, access to quality alfalfa seeds and strong brand name in the animal feed market makes them a capable partner for addressing these constraints through this partnership. Hence MDF has joined hands with them to provide, Maxim procurement of equipment such as tractor, baler, raker and mower for production of 30 kg bales of alfalfa hay. MDF will also assist Maxim in rolling out an outreach program through which Maxim will create awareness among farmers regarding the benefits of feeding alfalfa to their animals and locations from where they can purchase it. Maxim will deploy billboards and newspaper ads along with conducting around sixteen farmer gatherings for reaching out to farmers and educating them about the benefits of alfalfa.

In another intervention with Maxim International, MDF aims to set up silage manufacturing facility for production of 60kg bales of silage. Further support will be in setting up of delivery mechanism for distribution of silage bales through assisting in procurement of delivery truck.


Intervention Detailed Sheet- Maxim International