Bucoli Green

unnamed (1)BG2Bucoli Green Farm was established in September 2009 by Dr. Phillip Mwaura, a Kenyan surgeon, resident at Baucau General Hospital. What started with a land size of 200 sq. m has become a 25 hectares farm, engaged in horticulture, aquaculture and livestock. But Bucoli Green has severe challenges with technical supervision that compromises yield, as well as the scope of job creation. The owner, Dr Phillip, is the only technical arm in the organization, there is no middle layer of technical management staff who can oversee the activities of farm labour on a day-to-day basis. So, for a farm this size, this technical management structure is too thin to be adequate, particularly for horticulture which requires intensive monitoring and management.

Through the partnership with MDF, Bucoli Green is aiming to build the technical capacity of its commercial horticulture farm, to facilitate improved production and the subsequent transition to becoming an integrated farm. The aim of this partnership is to strengthen, grow and retain the technical know-how of Bucoli Green through the following two change steps; supporting in building a strong in house technical team and management structure to improve the technical supervision which will improve quantity and quality of production; and supporting in procuring specific agro-tools to support the expansion of production.

In the future, MDF will explore ways of how that intelligence can be useful to other horticulture farmers across the country and support Bucoli Green in alternate agricultural investments.

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